I like to work with people who value poetry, honesty, risk, and imagination. The unconventional. The meaningful. The real dirt. 

I offer a wide range of services, but specialise in helping people craft new products, services, events, and communications from the ground up. 

My most recent project is In Wild Air 2016—17, a weekly newsletter where a guest editor shares six things that interest them. It’s an enlightening way to start the week. Previous guest editors include The Planthunter, Tim Low, Laurence Pike, Penny Modra, Benjamin Law, and Julia DeVille.

I also run The Territories 2016—17, a small publishing lab looking for stories in antipodean landscapes. At the end of last year I made On Land , a series of five zines which largely focus on DIY utopias in unusual and remote environments. Next up is a collection of psychogeographic food maps exploring the coast of New Zealand
After moving to Leura two years ago, I worked with a small team to name, design, and roll out (a newspaper, website, short film, and series of events) Mtns Made 2016—17 the cultural identity for the creative industries of the Blue Mountains. This has had a profoundly positive and measurable impact on the community, and has changed the way the region percieved around the country and beyond.

For the past three years, I have worked with Golden Age Cinema & Bar 2013—17 on all of their visual communications. In addition to designing their seasonal programming, I provide design services for a range of campaigns and new products. I also provide consultation on the overall creative direction of the venue, which has gone on to win numerous design & event awards, and established itself in the increasingly difficult space that is Sydney nightlife.

Prior to this I was the managing editor of Desktop Magazine 2009—11. Although it recently published its final issue, Desktop was around for 30 years and was a powerful voice in the Australian creative culture. I produced 12 issues on a range of themes such as activism, the future, identity, and urbanisation

Along the way I was creative director for New Weird Australia 2010—15, a record label focused on new leftfield and outsider music from (as the name suggests) Australia. I made dozens of record covers, posters, and helped develop special new projects. 

There has been other stuff too, but these are the latest and greatest. What’s next? Who knows. Let’s do something.